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How Does This Work To Generate Steady Passive Income

Full Automation is our flagship program where you spend zero hours a week working on your business. This program is perfect for individuals looking for a completely passive income stream. After the initial set up for the business is complete, our team of 100+ professionals will take over and run your entire business A-Z. This includes product research, ordering and handling inventory, opening wholesale accounts, and much more.

The only tasks you have are to sit back and watch the direct deposits hit your bank account.

How Does it Differ from an Walmart FBA Business?

Our service utilizes the dropshipping business model. While FBA automation and dropshipping automation may seem like similar Walmart seller automation models, there is a key difference.

With dropshipping automation, inventory does not need to be purchased upfront. When a customer places an order, the products are dropshipped from our suppliers to the end customers, and only then is the investor responsible for the payment of inventory.

However, an automated FBA model requires significant investment upfront to stockpile inventory

Are Your Ready To Own A Fully Managed & Profitable Amazon and Walmart Business?

Passive Investment Opportunity

100% Fully-Managed Model

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No Time & Supervision Needed

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Steady Passive Income

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Alright, I am Sold How Do I Get Started?

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We Build & Manage Profitable Amazon and Walmart Businesses. You Earn Passive Income.

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  • 100% Fully-Managed Model